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I am excited to help you make the most of your moments...

Group, private, semi-private as well as specialized sessions are offered to accommodate busy schedules.  All Mindful Movement classes help to coordinate breath and physical movement, improve focus, and help participants regain harmony in their body mind & Being. 

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Love, Peace & Light


Tuesday 7:30 pm &
by appointment call/text 845-480-1551

Vinyasa based yoga flow centered around breath control combined with movement while remaining mindful in every pose you perform...


As taught by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

Tuesday 6:30pm

Founded by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, Naam (and Shakti Naam) Yoga is unlike other forms of yoga, as it works with the combined healing properties of breathwork, movement and sound vibration to bring the mind and body into harmony and balance, leading to optimal health and well-being.
Naam offers a uniquely effective approach to healing the body and mind. It restores the flow of vital energy throughout the entire being - balancing the brain, glandular, digestive, and nervous systems; increasing energy; strengthening the immune system; relieving chronic pain; reducing emotional disturbance; and so much more... 
"Move for your Body, Breathe for your Mind and {use Sound Vibration} for your Soul."



Tuesday 5:30pm

As taught by Patricia Moreno

intenSati is a low to moderate impact body and mind workout that was created by Patricia Moreno, which merges mindfulness and cardio-based movements... It combines aerobics, dance, strength conditioning along with mindful, positive, outspoken affirmations...and a “touch of yoga.”

We use powerful, enjoyable movements and mindful intention to consciously change our state of mind. The result is a heart-warming and exhilarating class for body, mind & soul that has the effect of feeling more energized, confident and empowered.


As taught by Dr. Dean Individual Sessions or Reiki circles (Healing Energy Group) By appointment 845-480-1551 text or call

Reiki is the Japanese phrase for "universal life energy." The Usui System of Reiki Healing is a hands-on {non-invasive, safe} healing practice. Reiki - universal life energy - is channeled through the practitioner's hands for self-treatment or treatment of others. Focus is on balancing the body's Chakras ("Energy wheels") that can effect homeostasis when unbalanced. The result of receiving Reiki is enhanced health and well-being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

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